Carlos & Sinai, also known as the Yo-Yo Duo, members of the American Yo-Yo
Association "A.Y.Y.A", and founders of the Venezuelan Yo-Yo Association "A.V.Y.Y.",
are among the top professional Yo-Yo performers in Venezuela.

Carlos & Sinai have at your disposition an exclusive and exciting
recreational program, called  “THE FUNNY SCIENCE OF ROLL".
An exclusive in Latin America in wich some tips from magic,
science and comedy are blended together.
Did you know that the Yo-Yo is the second famous, most used, and oldest toy in the world?
This toy is only surpassed by the dolls! Not even the cars game surpasses it!

Did you know that the Boomerang really returns to you? How is this possible?

This program teach everyone about the art of the Yo-Yo and Boomerang performing, showing the science around it.
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